Friday, April 2, 2010

Top Three Thursday on Friday- That's how I roll :)

So I got really busy yesterday with being out of town for work and almost missed doing this and its better to do it a day late than never, right?!?! :)

So this week is.......................

I am choosing to go with all material things since my most prized possession that I cannot live without is my family and my sweet dog, Chloe!

3. Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm- An ultimate staple and this stuff can be found in my purse, in my make-up bag and on my bedside table to ensure I am never without it!!!

2. My Blackberry which most people commonly refer to as a crackberry which in turn in true since the thing is super addictive............I mean its not a iPhone but I have apps just like all the iPhone people and the most important thing is texting and receiving picture messages of my favorite nieces and nephews and yes my phone is enclosed in a pink silicone cover. I mean I had to have something pink. :)

1. SHOES- I mean who knows me and doesnt know my obsession for shoes. Perfect example, last weekend I went out of town for two night and took 7 pairs of shoes. I have over 200 shoes and yes they have their very own closet! There is nothing like a pair of heels! Flip flops are also great but you can keep your flat shoes because I do NOT want them! I think my obsession all started when I was a kid because Mom tells me I walked on my tip toes everywhere. I was practicing for my heels. :) Before I die, I would like to own at least one pair of Christian Louboutins! I know they are really expensive but I just want them and yes I really do want the pink glittery ones ($595) for anyone who wants to get them for me for my birthday. :) Maybe I will wear them with my wedding dress; however, I am feeling cowboy boots for my reception! :)

A little added shoe tip for those of you who don't know: Christian Louboutins are famous for their red soles! All of their shoes have them!

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