Thursday, April 8, 2010

Top 3 Thursday: Biggest Fears

This one was super difficult for me because it really put into perspective the things that I truly am afraid of. I think all of us girls are afraid of spiders, snakes, heights, etc. but I am thinking more along the lines of:

#3 biggest fear is drowning
Even though as a little girl I had all of my birthday parties at the YMCA where my oldest brother taught swimming lessons and I jumped off of the high dive; I have a severe fear of drowning. I know how to swim but for some reason it just scares me to think about it.
#2 biggest fear is guns
I never grew up in a household where my parents had guns and I certainly will never have one in my household. They scare me and they can easily hurt someone and everytime I see one I shiver.
#1 biggest fear is having my heart broken (again)
Being only 24 years old, I have had my heart broken once and it has healed but if definetly took longer than I wanted it to. I have also witnessed other members of my family have their hearts broken along with some of my closest friends. Being hurt emotionally is something that happens to us but over time we deal with it and in the end it only makes us stronger.
Wow, I feel like this was uber depressing.....maybe its because I woke up to rain and not sunshine.

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