Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Troy Casino Night

Birmingham Chapter of Troy Alumni Annual Casino Night Fundraiser January 31, 2009
Pictured with Marc Nicholas, friend from Grad School at Troy

Tuesday Ramblings

Talk about being out of shape...................Yesterday I started back to the gym so I can look perfect for Emily's wedding in June. My abs are absolutely killing me. I thought my legs were going to turn into jello-o after an hour of cardio. Hard work pays off or say they say. I have 59 days so lets hope I keep this up and stick with it!!

On another note, I really should be working right now but I cannot help but think about all of the great concerts coming up this month in Birmingham that I am going too.

Dave Matthews Band on April 20th
Adam Hood and Cross Canadian Ragweed on April 24th
Ray Lamontagne on April 27th
Michelle Malone w/ Kristy Lee on April 30th

What can I say?? I know it seems so overwhelming that I want to go to that many but I LOVE LOVE music. Music truly runs deep in my bones and I thoroughly enjoy it. I will let you know how the concerts turn out. You would think I would realize I have to work the next day but who cares I am still young and losing a few hours of sleep wont kill me and I will greatly sacrifice sleep for a great concert any day. Back to work.....................