Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

Talk about being out of shape...................Yesterday I started back to the gym so I can look perfect for Emily's wedding in June. My abs are absolutely killing me. I thought my legs were going to turn into jello-o after an hour of cardio. Hard work pays off or say they say. I have 59 days so lets hope I keep this up and stick with it!!

On another note, I really should be working right now but I cannot help but think about all of the great concerts coming up this month in Birmingham that I am going too.

Dave Matthews Band on April 20th
Adam Hood and Cross Canadian Ragweed on April 24th
Ray Lamontagne on April 27th
Michelle Malone w/ Kristy Lee on April 30th

What can I say?? I know it seems so overwhelming that I want to go to that many but I LOVE LOVE music. Music truly runs deep in my bones and I thoroughly enjoy it. I will let you know how the concerts turn out. You would think I would realize I have to work the next day but who cares I am still young and losing a few hours of sleep wont kill me and I will greatly sacrifice sleep for a great concert any day. Back to work.....................

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