Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Beginning of Blogging

In lieu of studying for the CPA exam that I am taking tomorrow, I am trying to find yet another way to procrastinate. I have been shopping today for clothes, shoes and Christmas ornaments all to keep myself busy so I would not have to think about studying. However, sitting down at the table to study and wondering why I am choosing to blog instead has me realizing that if I ever want to pass this test I need to get down to business. My test is tomorrow afternoon and after that I will be head to Troy for Thanksgiving and maybe a celebratory happy hour. I am going to try and study now and I am pretty sure this is going to become addicting just like Myspace and Facebook. Why do I keep finding these things?? Say a prayer for me and wish me tons of LUCK as I prepare to become a CPA which I think stands for Certified Pain in the Ass!! :)

1 comment:

tmck2008 said...

I am so glad you realized your profession! LOL :-) I am SO proud of you!